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Door light barrier TLS-10

Door light barrier TLS-10
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Gate light barrier in robust housing for gate applications with various extras

  • Optimized for protection of entrances in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Non-contact safety is required in indoor, transition and outdoor areas. In some cases, an operation under extreme ambient conditions is required, which places increased demands on the products.
  • The gate light barrier TLS-10 is optimized for applications around the gate and personnel sluice area. The sensor system can be installed in a compact plug-in housing and thus without a mounting bracket. The robust long-term stable design is designed in the high degree of protection IP67.
  • In this way, the TLS 10 is ideally protected against mechanical influences as well as moisture and rain. Due to its optical and mechanical robustness, a working temperature range of -40 ° ... + 60 ° C and a range of 8 m, the TLS-10 leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the integrated evaluation and switching unit, they do not need any additional electronics.


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